This new photography series is a showcase for Colorado photographers. There exist boundless opportunities for amazing imagery and as thus, Colorado has attracted some of the world’s most talented photographers. Whether it’s nature or industrial, fashion or photojournalism, CRAVE want’s to celebrate it all.

Each month we will feature 8 questions and 8 images from a selected Colorado photographer. We want to know about your art and passion and CRAVE ƒ/8 will give you the opportunity to share your amazing talent with all of us.

Want to be a featured photographer in ƒ/8? Just submit an image for one of our monthly photo themes. We’ll select a photographer from each month’s photo showcase to be interviewed for CRAVE ƒ/8

We are very excited to present our first ever feature in our new series CRAVE ƒ/8:

Photography by Tanya Walter

Tanya Walter Photography Colorado

ƒ/0.7: Describe your photography in 3 words

TW: 3 words should be easy, I found this to be the question I had to think about the most…Flowing, Surreal, Textures

ƒ/1: What do you love most about being a photographer

TW: Seeing/hearing my client’s reactions for the first time when viewing their images. I seem to be able to capture a beauty that they do not see, and that makes me happy. 

ƒ/1.4: If you could shoot any subject and get paid to do it- what/who would it be?

TW: Underwater by far! I would love [to have] a Fashion Designer have me photograph their upcoming line underwater. You can capture a whole different flow to the fabric and the outcome is very unique.

ƒ/2: Your dream exhibition. Where would it be?

TW: I would be honored to have an exhibit anywhere outside of my hometown, Colorado Springs.  ANY gallery that accepts/likes your work is a great accomplishment – at least in my eyes.

ƒ/2.8: Do you have any photographic heroes (alive or dead)?

TW: From the pioneers of photography to current ones, I would say many artists give me inspiration. But underwater wise: Jenn Bischof, Mallory Morrison, Cheryl Walsh are just a few to mention.

Tanya Walter Photography Colorado
Tanya Walter Photography Colorado

To see more of Tanya’s Amazing Underwater Fashion Photography, visit her website at or like her on Facebook at

ƒ/4: How did you get started as a professional photographer?

TW: I was a hobbyist for a long time, then went to the Art Institute in Denver, continued to just dabble…. then I just jumped in! But I still do not think of myself as a professional – to me a professional is someone that makes a living in their profession, I unfortunately still have a day job.

ƒ/5.6: How did you get started shooting underwater fashion?

TW: I have been always been drawn to underwater photography. There is something about being able to defy gravity, the reflections, and the model’s hair flowing in the water, It’s pure beauty.  Two summers ago is when I took the plunge!

ƒ/8: Biggest challenge in your photography work?

TW: Lighting underwater, it’s so expensive.  I also find that advertising and putting myself out in the public to be a huge challenge. I am an outgoing person but there is something about putting your heart & soul out on the table when it comes to being an artist – at least it is in my case.

Tanya Walter Photography Colorado