On October 15th Stephanie Manor, owner of Aesthetic Nurse Specialists will present The Show – A Haute Couture Runway Show, benefiting skin cancer research CRAVE Magazine was fortunate enough to sit down with Ms. Manor for an exclusive interview on what it takes to put on such a fabulous show… and why Denver needs haute couture. Enjoy the read, then come check out the fabulous fashions at The Studio at Overland Crossing.

CRAVE: What was your inspiration for putting together a fashion show?
Stephanie Manor: This is a beautiful way to raise money for such an ugly disease, skin cancer. Sadly, we have lost many to skin cancer including Bob Marley, Burgess Meredith, Thomas Dooley, Randy Castillo and one of our own Denver designers Justin Victory.

CRAVE: With so many fashion events happening in Denver, throughout the year, what makes this show stand out from the others?
SM: The fashion show is haute couture, no one has ever done a fashion show with this type of “ high dress making”, i.e. high fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish. Made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and the sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced tailors and seamstresses.

CRAVE: You’ve produced a show in the past. the-show-bannerWhy did you decide that now is the time to put on another fashion event?
SM: Now is always the time! We have so many amazing local designers in Denver and they are all striving to reach and obtain their goals, whether it be opening a store front or making it Project Runway. I wanted to challenge them to reach these goals by pushing the limits, going outside of the box and to show their talents; hence haute couture. It’s also the season; fall & winter, the holidays are upon us! What a better way to find your clothing attire at a fashion show. All items are for sale!

CRAVE: What can we expect to see in this show?
SM: The most elegant, inspiring and one of a kind clothes and hair & makeup for men and women. All is French inspired, the music, to the video production the light show. We are also offering a full open bar, food, and raffle where all monies will be donated for skin cancer awareness. Did I mention the most beautifully talented models ever? Well….then there’s that!  

CRAVE: What is the best thing about putting on a fashion event?
SM: I enjoy working with the community of Denver, the people here are wonderful! The entire model family, hair & makeup teams, venue staff, photographers, designers, businesses that helped, social media, magazines, news channels…. the list goes on and on. All are so passionate about what they do and it shows. We have a cohesive team.  

CRAVE: What challenges did you face in this particular event?
SM: No challenges, hard work and excellent communication is the key. The real challenge is fighting skin cancer.

CRAVE: Why should people come to this show?
SM: This is an amazing opportunity for the people of Denver to come see fashion at its finest, while supporting a global disease, skin cancer. Colorado sadly reported new cases for 2014 at 1,400 people afflicted. Residents were diagnosed at 1,300 and 120 of those will result in death. The United States will have 3.5 million diagnosed with skin cancer this year. We are accepting donations, which will be used to educate, help prevent, and treat this disease from debilitating all that are affected. This is a disease that affects the entire family, friends and all those involved in providing care and support. 

CRAVE: You’ve been a model in the Denver fashion industry for many years now. What changes have you seen over the years?
SM: Colorado’s fashion industry has grown a great deal over the past 10 years and continues to progress. As a model originally from the Orlando and Miami area, not much was happening in the world of fashion 10 years ago. It was more of a jeans and cowboy boot town. We now have fun, elegant, sporty, edgy, sexy clothes for both men and women. I personally feel that we still need to “beef up” menswear. Fashion allows people to transform themselves in a healthy and positive way through the expression of clothes! Thank goodness, as it would be awfully irksome place if we all dressed the same.

CRAVE: How does the Colorado fashion industry need to evolve to compete more nationally?
SM: To continue to move forward, meaning to be on the map with NYC, LA, Miami, Chicago and internationally ( yes, I did say international ) we need to continue to support our local designers and talent by helping provide the means to do so. Hosting shows at venues that are not sub par, all involved should be receiving payment, clothing should be easily purchasable to the public, more boutiques that carry local designers, provide the means to attend local art schools, and funding to purchase the latest technology. We have the means to have this happen, we just need to work together.

CRAVE: Any additional words you’d like to share with our readers?
SM: I would like to thank Denver for all the support they have given! Wow! We can do more, we can always do more. Thank you!

Stephanie Manor is the owner/operator of Aesthetic Nurse Specialists and is dedicated to handling all of your skincare needs. Learn more at spadenver.co

Tickets for The Show – A Haute Couture Runway Show are available through eventbrite by clicking here