Yoko Ono talks with CRAVE Magazine in an exclusive interview

words: Jim Wills

With a message of peace, love and fellowship, “The Art of John Lennon” comes to Denver. It has been 35 years since Lennon’s assassination on December 8, 1980. This year also marks his 75th birthday. The Artwork of John Lennon exhibition has traveled the world for the past 20 years and this year it is being presented locally by Fascination St. Fine Art in Cherry Creek North.

Love Is The Answer

Love Is The Answer

When John Lennon and Yoko Ono married 1969 he created a series of sketches that detailed their wedding, honeymoon and life together. The collection became known as “Bag One.” The controversial sketches would set Lennon on a path that would continue for the rest of his life.

During their marriage, Yoko encouraged John to continue drawing. He began sketching his travels and experiences of everyday life and sharing them with his wife and young son Sean. After his untimely passing in 1980 Ono collected everything together, and eventually began showing the work in a series of exhibitions that would evolve into “The Art of Lennon.”

Limited edition lithographs and serigraphs are created from the original sketches, which are presented for sale throughout each exhibition. A portion of the proceeds go to local charities in the areas where the exhibit travels.

On June 5th-7th “The Art of John Lennon” will be shown once again in Denver. Lennon’s work was last seen locally in October 2012. For this show, Fascination St. Fine Art Gallery will showcase more than 100 pieces.

Including a special collection of colored sketches created for the young Sean, this exhibition also features several never-seen-before works by Lennon

Imagine Peace

Imagine Peace

“We were very excited to be contacted by Yoko Ono’s people regarding this exhibition,” said Fascination St. owner Aaron Lapedis.

While having presented some large, well known exhibitions over the past 25 years, this collection is by far their biggest in terms of celebrity work.

“Bringing the collection to Denver ourselves says a lot about the growing artistic community,” continued Lapedis. “Having a local gallery produce and host this exhibition helps to continue to elevate Denver above cow-town status.”

Yoko Ono agrees.

“Denver means a lot to me. When I think about Denver I think Denver is very good place.” said Ono in an exclusive CRAVE Magazine interview.

She continued, “In the beginning people didn’t want to know about his artwork. They only cared about his music. He was such a rocker. Now they realize he was really an artist too, and a really good one.”

Ono continued to talk about the ease at which Lennon would sketch, creating the images, but each stroke having a definite of purpose.

Turn Left And Make Peace

Turn Left And Make Peace

“John was very good,” says Ono, “The sketches were made very quickly. John would just do it and it was very good.”

Ono is also extremely hands on in creating the exhibition. She selected the pieces to be shown and works directly with the galleries and curators to make sure each show is designed to best celebrate Lennon’s work.

For this exhibition, Fascination St. Fine Art was responsible for matting and framing each image, creating the look as specified and approved by Ono.

Bringing this exhibition to Denver was definitively a personal achievement for Lapedis.

“I won’t say this has been the pinnacle of my career,” he said, ”but working with this exhibition has definitely been a highlight.”

Every piece in the exhibition is for sale. All are limited editions approved by and signed either by Lennon and/or Ono themselves.

See our upcoming print issue for the complete story on “The Art of John Lennon” and CRAVE Magazine’s interview with Yoko Ono.


Double Fantasy

Double Fantasy

The Art of John Lennon
Fascination St Fine Art

June 5- 6-9
June 6,7- 12-5

2727 East 3rd Ave Denver, CO