words: Jim Wills

Finding oneself is often a task that takes years and years to master. Our September ITgirl may still be looking. Looking to grow, looking to see the world and looking to become the best version of herself possible.

Bethany Johnson was born and raised in Brigham City, Utah in a large Mormon family with ten siblings. Being the youngest she learned to accept the gifts that were to come her way, whether it was the hand me downs from her sisters or her first job at age fifteen. Bethany learned a strong work ethic at an early age. But like many young people she went through a varied career path to find her true passion.

From dental tech to personal trainer to working in a veterinary clinic our September ITgirl spent her early adult years searching for that spark. She loves people and discovered that working as a Mary Kay Consultant was quite fulfilling. Yet, she realized that she was able to truly express her inner goddess through modeling.

Now a seasoned model, Johnson has had over eight years experience and has seen pretty much everything that comes with the industry, both good and bad.

She started her modeling career while living in Utah and quickly learned to navigate around the scam agencies and the occasional flaky photographer. But she also met some wonderful people and discovered that her beautiful personality and her stunning looks would be a winning combination.

Standing at 5’4” she doesn’t have the height for a traditional runway model, but she realized that in the smaller markets of Utah and Colorado, height isn’t everything. She has been able to rock both the runway and the pages of magazines throughout her career.

Johnson has worked really hard at developing her portfolio and has been fortunate enough have been published repeatedly in everything from magazines to posters to calendars. She has walked the runway and even done some video work for TV.

Growing up in a spiritual family has given Johnson a powerful moral compass, though her modeling is sometimes at odds with her parent’s religious convictions.

“They love me regardless but I can’t talk with them about

[it] or show them the accomplishments I’ve made with modeling,” she explained. “That was something I struggled with for a while….in the end though, it is something that makes me happy and I am proud.”
Sept 2015 ITgirl Bethany Johnson

“I model because I love it! I enjoy the whole process.” explained Johnson in an exclusive interview with CRAVE Magazine. She continued, “I hope that I can show other people that you don’t have to be a stereotypical beauty to be desired. We all have so much power within ourselves and it exudes when we are confident and happy!”

Growing up in the shadow of the Wasatch Mountains has developed an avid outdoorswoman in Johnson. She loves being outdoors taking in the beautiful scenery of our state. “It’s hard to beat Utah but man, Colorado is beautiful!” she stated emphatically.

She also loves Colorado for our abundant breweries. Being an avid beer drinker, music lover and snowboarder just about rounds out our ITgirl as the perfect Coloradan. To complete the circle Johnson is also a proponent of Colorado’s fruitful Marijuana industry.

“Colorado is at the top of its game with making the Marijuana industry a very lucrative and beneficial business, that’s a big deal to me. I have a bit of anxiety and A.D.D.” she adds, “and [medicating] was something I had to hide about myself for years.”

As for where her modeling takes her, Johnson hopes to be able to travel more and see the world, to work in some exotic locales. If modeling helps her to afford that, so much the better. Being able to create and really let herself open into the moment, gives her strength. “It’s a very empowering feeling being the main focus and feeling sexy, beautiful, fierce, fearless and free,” she explains.

Johnson feels lucky to have had success in an industry as tough as modeling. She has been able to share her beautiful inspiration and strength with many, many people. And now, finally, Bethany Johnson has found herself. As our September 2015 CRAVE Magazine ITgirl, we couldn’t be happier for her!

images: Silver Lane Photography
hair & makeup: Thuy Unbehauen
fashion: Vandalism Designs
lighting & assistant: Emmerson McArthur

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silver-lane-logo2ITgirl Xtra >>> Silver Lane Photography

Silver Lane got the photography bug in high school. Working with film in the darkroom and watching images appear on a blank paper provided all the “magic” she needed to pursue it as a career. In 2011 she launched Silver Lane Photography and never looked back. Though her portfolio consists mostly of high school seniors and family portraits she shoots with an artistic fashion sense and has a masterful eye for lighting. CRAVE Magazine was excited to partner Ms. Lane with our September ITgirl.

silver-lane-headshotWith a very limited window of time, she put together a great team and embraced the challenge of creating images that were truly CRAVEworthy!

After an intense ankle surgery that left her unable to walk or drive for 6 weeks, Lane had to schedule the shoot only 2 days after she started walking again. But it went off without a hitch. “I don’t think I’ve ever had such a smooth running shoot. Bethany is such a great person. She has more than physical beauty. I had such a great time working with her! My biggest joy was the instant connection we had,” she shared about our ITgirl.

While typically an outdoor photographer, CRAVE challenged Lane to push the limits of her abilities and creativity for the shoot. She took on the task and decided to take the whole thing into the studio. To have her own studio is definitely a future goal. “It’s an imaginary place at the moment, however, I hope to make it a reality very soon.” she muses.

This shoot gave her the chance to explore the joys and challenges of being in a studio and working with a fashion team. “This was my first shoot of this kind, but I have no complaints. Bethany was amazing and so was Troe.” (For this shoot CRAVE brought in international fashion designer Troe Williams of Vandalism Designs.)

From her start in the darkroom to a full production fashion shoot, Silver Lane has proven that she has what it takes to tackle any assignment and create magic that delights her clients and brings them back wanting more.

Based in Colorado Springs, Silver Lane Photography specializes in family and senior portraits, weddings and of course now she will be taking on more fashion oriented shoots.