In an effort to turn waste into grace and trash into treasure, Denver’s first Certifiably Green event will descend upon Sculpture Park this October. The upcycling extravaganza, better known as PalletFest, is here to bring the art of creating upcycled goods to a whole new level, not just showing us how to think outside of the box, but teaching us what to do with the box.

The free, two-day event kicks off October 11th with a smorgasbord of environmentally conscious things to do. See how it easy it is to incorporate upcycling in your own lifestyle with sustainable living demos or just get lost in a pallet maze for awhile. You can observe upcycling in action with the live pallet build-off or the upcycle fashion show. There will also be a range of upcycle vendors, parkour performances and live music, not to mention food and libations.

In the midst of the all the action-packed upcycling fun, the true goal is for people to realize the simplicity and importance of upcycling, not to be confused with recycling.

“Most of us have heard of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,’ but what many people aren’t aware of is that those three ‘eco’ principles are listed in that order for a reason,” explains Kenny Fischer, the man behind the dream. “The first and most environmentally beneficial thing we can do is reduce our consumption of wasteful or unnecessary products. The next best thing we can do is reuse them. By finding creative new ways of reusing items, we can provide for our needs and prevent quality materials from needlessly going to our landfills. And that’s exactly what PalletFest and upcycling is all about.”

palletfest1As an entrepreneur who took his family and moved out of the city a few years ago, Fischer left his well-paying sales job to get away from the grind of city life and to focus on being more self-sufficient by way of, among other things, upcycling.

“Upcycling, to me, is a solution to real world issues on many levels,” Fischer said during his CRAVE Magazine interview. “Upcycling prevents items from going to landfills, saves on the need to purchase raw materials, saves on the energy of shipping those materials around the world, supports local artisans who sell their upcycled products, and in turn supports local economies by keeping the money in our communities rather than sending it out. This is a win-win win-win.”

And so, with one simple item, Fischer began creating fencing, chicken coops, garden benches, bed frames, and almost anything else he could think of.

After being in the upcycling game for a few years now, Fischer says he’ll never go back to the old way of doing things. The upcycling movement is here to stay, and he hopes Palletfest has something to do with that.

“With nearly 200 million wooden pallets going to our landfills every year, I knew it was just such a horrible waste as they were the perfect building material,” he said. “This whole idea came to me one day when I said to myself, ‘If I can make a wine rack from a pallet, or a table, or even a house, then why not an entire festival!’ There’s a huge DIY craze around upcycling and pallets, I just decided to take it one (crazy) step further.”

Whether you’re new to the whole idea of upcycling, or you’ve been repurposing things for years, come check out this event and see where your creativity might lead. Let yourself be inspired, support a good cause, and even learn a few tips and tricks to take home with you! Like the old saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure; no truer words have ever been spoken.

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