If you grew up in a large metropolitan area you may remember the days during the heat of the summer when the fire hydrants were opened and kids could splash around in the water as it drenched them and the surrounding street. Well Oh Heck Yeah is bringing that play back to the street with much less water, but a lot more fun.

Starting this Saturday and running every Thursday and Saturday until July 26th Oh Heck Yeah will be featuring an outdoor arcade on Champa Street between 14th and 16th avenues. The idea was birthed two years ago when Brian Corrigan had an “ah-ha” moment while watching his nephew play video games. “What if we took the games out onto the street?” he asked himself. The results are coming to you this summer… in a big, big way.

The idea is simple- take the video game out onto the streets; create a gaming environment that is easy to play yet still fun for the masses, and do it on a grand scale. Oh Heck Yeah is utilizing the latest in social media and video game technology to create a trans-media story culminating in an immersive street arcade. The three games featured are simplistic, yet engaging. Stories have been created around the characters. They even have twitter pages being managed by improve actors by Bovine Metropolis Theater. Local companies Legwork Studio and Mode Set created the games. On hand will be Catchy, Big Blue’s Hood Slam and Tinkerbot; and yes Big Blue as in the giant blue bear that peers into the windows at the Colorado Convention Center.

Oh Heck Yeah worked with One Reach in designing a phone system that works with player’s smartphones. They will be able to check in each day of the event with their phones and then the phones will then let them know when it’s their turn and which area to go to. The phones and players movements serve as controllers as the games utilize Microsoft Kinect technology to make them immersive. The large LED billboards at the Denver Theatre District serve as play screens as well as projections on walls along Champa Street.

Local businesses are also getting in on the fun. The game’s stories will be extended with karaoke, live music, dancing, theatre, comedy and more.

Send a text to 720-307-5777 each day of the event to check in.

For more info visit the Oh Heck Yeah website.
Visit their facebook page.

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