Today’s body painting has taken an ancient art form and moved it forward into the modern era. For eons putting paint on the body was a sign of one’s spirituality, or a prelude to battle. In the last century body painting became something of a novelty, putting paint on a naked figure was sexy and titillating in a way not always accepted by the mainstream audience. Then Sports Illustrated thrust the art in front of our eyes by putting a barely there painted swimsuit on Rebecca Romijn. More than a dozen years later it has truly become an art form to celebrate, and Rebecca Romijn comes full circle by hosting Skin Wars – a body painting competition show that pits 10 of the best up and comers in the genre.


Colorado has some amazing painters and two were lucky enough to be on the first season of Skin Wars. Alan Anderson, a firefighter by day and body painter by night was voted off on the first episode. The other, Mythica Von Griffyn, made it through four weeks on the competition. She is a true artist as she works not only on human canvas, but dabbles in chalk art, street art and other forms.

Griffyn’s star has dramatically risen over the past couple of years. From a low point in 2012 where she found herself suddenly at the end of a relationship and homeless to landing on the premier body painting competition. Having been body painting for only four years Griffyn has come a long way in her art as well. Not only has she appeared on Skin Wars, but she has painted in competitions and exhibitions across the country from New York to Los Angeles.

Stay tuned for much more from this amazing artist, and catch the season finale of Skin Wars Wed night Sept 24th on GSN.

Note: Miss Griffyn is hosting a Skin Wars Party at the Tilted Kilt on the 16th Street Mall on Wed evening during the show (7-8pm local time)

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