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As artists, we draw our inspiration from many different sources. My inspiration for the cover image came from a Harper’s Bazaar feature and their special cover of the May 2011 U.K. edition. That magazine featured Kate Moss paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen in a dress he designed that she originally wore in a hologram at his Fall/Winter 2006 Paris Fashion Week Show. The hologram ended his show and featured Moss floating with the aforementioned dress swirling around her as if it were alive. It was a truly moving piece, and I vowed to one day re-create the look in my own style.

My model Nicole found a wonderful, simple white dress while shopping one day. What made the dress perfect was the dual layer of fabric, the white opaque outer layer and the translucent chiffon under layer. When she tried it on and was dancing around I knew it was the dress we needed to shoot in.

On the day of the shoot she was actually rather sick with a fever and was recovering from the flu, but she was a trooper and twirled around as the dress flowed about. We broke out the wind machine and blew the dress even more. She jumped around and played with the layers of fabric as I shot away.

In creating the final image, I used 28 frames and composited the separate images of the dress together. I used one image of the model’s head and then combined the separate image layers of the dress to make it come alive. Adding in the reflectivity and bokah particles helped to add depth and further elevate the emotion of the image.

The final image is a fashion image inspired by a fashion icon.

  • CRAVE issue 1 cover image with bokeh background
  • CRAVE issue 1 cover image with bottom dress flair
  • CRAVE issue 1 cover image with top dress flair
  • CRAVE issue 1 cover image final composite
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