On October 28th a new internet radio station launched and the creators say it will change the way you’ve been listening to music. The Denver-based Mad Genius Radio is aiming to bring music listening into the 21st century. Other platforms use “antiquated binary correlation standards” whereas Mad Genius Radio uses a combination of sliders and ratings to provide listeners with an “infinite playlist.” Available as both a mobile app and through desktop browsers the service is designed to keep listeners listening longer.


Users create their own mixes, adding in up to seven different genres of music. A slider exists for each genre added, with a 0-10 scale to determine how often that genre plays. Additionally users can rate each track and artist played on a 1-5 scale. Every mix has ‘My Requests’ and ‘New Music’ sliders allowing further customization between favorite artists/tracks and music not yet rated. It’s the ultimate in music customization.

Founder Eric Neumann says, “We believe most people are eclectic in their music taste and just like what they like.“ He continues, “Music is an emotional thing after all…not terribly scientific.”

With the customization features like sliders and ratings listeners will be able to hear their old favorites, dig into deep cuts and experience great new music. This provides the ultimate in control over one’s music listening.

In addition to the industry standard genres like Alternative, Classic Rock and Pop, Mad Genius Radio has created an ingenious ‘Time Machine’ feature allowing users to pick from (currently) eleven genres and then their favorite year and season within that genre. You can go back to the Summer of 1993 when Clint Black was crooning across the Country airwaves or rock out with Tonic in the Winter of 2000. If you are feeling nostalgic, turn the “My Requests” slider all the way up and “New Music” all the way down. To expand your musical horizons, reverse the two sliders to discover new tracks and new artists. The Genre Market is continuously expanding as Mad Genius adds new mad-genius-radio-genrestracks, categories and groupings to their ever-growing library.

For a music service that is just as eclectic as you are, please help CRAVE Magazine celebrate this great Colorado business and download the app (iphone or android) or visit madgeniusradio.com and get a personalized radio app that is completely fresh and never predictable.