If you haven’t been to one of Denver’s many haunted houses yet, there is still time for plenty of frights before All Hallows’ Eve is upon us. One of the best by far this season isn’t a house at all, it’s field-of-screams-girlthe Haunted Field of Screams Corn Maze. This outdoor attraction is haunting frightful, and always a great thrill. The attraction consists of several haunts spread across a 31-acre cornfield. The Field of Screams has been around for 13 years, is family owned gets bigger and better each year. The attraction this year features three different haunts as well as a daytime maze for the young and fright-sensitive.

The biggest and scariest of the attractions is the Haunted Field of Screams itself. The journey starts off by leading visitors through a door set in a misplaced wall in the middle of the cornfield. Flickering lights and spooky sounds add to the disorienting nature of the path. Be prepared for monsters of all types to appear out of the field only to disappear into the darkened rows a few moments later. Along the way are 7 “houses”, each one having a different theme, adding to the frightful nature of the experience. Some themes are reminiscent of horror classics while other houses are filled with bizarre lights, sounds and screams. Each house will test your Halloween mettle.

Another returning attraction is Dead Man’s Night Maze. Have you ever dreamed of being lost and trapped in a cornfield? Well, this is your nightmare come true. With multiple houses and seemingly endless dead ends, what is only 30 minutes can seem like hours as you work you way through the towering rows of corn. You’ve got be patient to get through this maze with your sanity intact.

Returning for its third year is the Zombie Paintball Massacre. This attraction is like a video game come to life. Think of it as a hayride gone awry. The zombies shuffle about and take paintball blasts to the head, chest or anywhere else you can point your gun. Perhaps the best part is being encouraged to empty your paintball clip at the last point in the ride. Zombies are everywhere!!!


The Haunted Field of Screams is located at 10270 Riverdale Road, Thornton, CO 80229.

The attraction opens at sundown Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday through November 1. Ticket are available at the attraction or can be purchased in advance here.