Hanna Ranch is a feature length documentary focused on the life of cattleman Kirk Hanna and his struggle to protect the ranching way of life in Colorado. A true rancher from birth, Hanna championed what became the environmental ranching movement with a mission to conduct responsible and sustainable ranching methods. He fervently fought to protect the West from misuse and invading developers.

Hanna was featured in the 2001 book Fast Food Nation where he was dubbed the “eco-cowboy.” He was an early adaptor of Holistic Resource Management, which takes a symbiotic approach to the entire agricultural system. Hanna was both a rancher and environmentalist, one of the first to bridge the gap between two very diverse worlds. He believed in sustainability and fought to repair and preserve the grasslands and waterways of his beloved homeland. He preached conservationism and environmental consciousness.

Hanna Ranch is directed by award winning producer/director Mitch Dickman, the founder of Denver-based Listen Productions. It is executive produced by Karl Kister and the author of Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser. Hanna Ranch debuted at the 2013 Starz Film Festival in Denver and opened nationwide in theatres on May 16th.

The Sie Film Center will be showing Hanna Ranch starting Friday May 23rd. Go to the Denver Film Center website for more info and tickets.

For more information on the movie:  www.hannaranchmovie.com

Official Trailer:


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