This has been the year of fashion in Denver. We have seen some of the biggest and most amazing fashion events in this city’s history. Rounding out the year is perhaps the biggest and best show of them all: The 6th annual Red Ball Fashion Show benefiting the Denver Colorado AIDS Project (DCAP).

Dlola-CoutureWhile Red Ball is a fashion show it isn’t a just about fashion says organizer Jeff Trujillo, “It’s a fashion runway experience.”

Traditionally in a fashion show, only one aspect is emphasized at a time. Red Ball is unique in that regard. “By requiring equal creativity in fashion and in hair and makeup, the outcome that we see on the runway is always a collection of unique, head-turning, outrageous and memorable looks,” says Trujillo.

With all this glitz, glamour and jaw-dropping looks it’s important to remember that this is a charity event first and foremost. In 6 years it has grown to not only one of the biggest and best fashion shows in town, it has also become a fantastic fund-raising event for the DCAP. 2013’s show raised over $50,000 for the charity. This equates to things such as serving more than 170,000 meals, over 3700 HIV tests, 2500 STD tests and reaching more than 15,000 people through direct education programs.

What makes this year different from past events? Well in fact, Red Ball strives to be different every year, from the opening acts to the style of auction to the shape of the runway layout. Of the latter Trujillo says, “This year’s runway is probably the most intricately shaped runway we have ever done…”

Lisa-Wear-MacloviaIn addition, new choreographer and model coach this year is Marnee Padilla, who brings 15 years of New York Fashion Week with her to the program.

The event is always scheduled to coincide with World AIDS Day (December 1), which places this year’s Red Ball just 3 days after Thanksgiving. But it doesn’t thwart Trujillo. With a capacity crowd of close to 800 he hopes to sell out the Denver Exdo Center.

“It mean

[s] that I’ll be putting together a 645-person seating chart instead of having turkey and watching football with family,” he says. But it’ll be worth it.

As for the fashion at the event, Red Ball has become known for innovative and edgy design. Past shows have seen dresses made out of condoms, chainmail bikinis and ball gowns so voluminous that they extended along almost half the runway.

This year guests will enjoy ten returning designers and six that are new to Red Ball. Seasoned show designers, Kotomi Yoshida and Gino Velardi are sure to amaze.

EKiZ_TennisiaAnd while she steals the show every year, Deedee Vicory will be given a special honor in this year’s Red Ball. Earlier this year her husband Justin lost his battle with Melanoma. Vicory had massively positive impact in the Denver fashion community. While he will be greatly missed, Deedee has said she will continue doing the work that she started with Justin with The Wedding Seamstress and D’Lola Couture.

At the end of the night, Red Ball is still about a great cause. Throughout its history the show has become near and dear to many people’s hearts. Not only are the organizers passionate about it, but everyone from the designers and stylists to the models who work the runway have a deep love for the event.

Talking with 3-time returning Red Ball model Tennisia Littleon-Broberg makes this blindingly apparent. “I participate in Red Ball each year in [the] hope to bring awareness and help for those who are suffering with such a vicious disease which knows no prejudice.”

In addition to her praise of Trujillo for his dedication to Red Ball’s success, Littleton-Broberg says that this show a favorite of Denver models as well. “This is one event the model community anticipates because we know diversity, professionalism, a positive demeanor, and a sunny disposition is all you need to be a part of this event.”Vandalism_Kim

Red Ball also treats its guests with some of the most innovative hair design seen at any Denver fashion show. Each year the designers are teamed with a different local salon in creating original looks that compliment the style of the fashion.

CRAVE Magazine is very excited to experience what six years of Red Ball will bring to the Denver community in both fashion and philanthropy. See you at the Ball.



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