With roots in dance and aerial Colorado’s very own Midnite Martini took over the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender showcase recently to win the title of Queen of Burlesque. Described as the Miss America of Burlesque, the event takes place annually in June in Las Vegas and attracts performers from around the world.

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend is a fundraising event held every June for the Burlesque Hall of Fame museum. Where else could a museum of burlesque royalty exist, but in Sin City itself, Las Vegas. This year the Friday through Sunday event was held at The Orleans Hotel and Casino June 5-8. While the event features performers from around the world, it has also become known from its workshops on the fine art of burlesque from some of the industry legends.


The 24th Annual Tournament of Tease was held Saturday night June 9th with winners from across the globe reigning in such categories as “Most Dazzling”, “Most Comedic” and “Best Troupe”. Miss Martini took the grand prize title of Miss Exotic World 2014, Reigning Queen of Burlesque. She was the only Coloradan to place in the competition.

Midnite Martini was originally born in South Korea, but grew up in Littleton with an adopted family. While at college she found and started working with the Frequent Flyers Productions Aerial Dance Theatre. It was there that she has learned aerial and acrobatic arts, which she credits to the style of her burlesque performance style today. It is from these skills that she pushes her dancing to “go outside the box”.

Martini at one time had aspirations to move to New York to find her fame and fortune; but she loved Colorado too much to move away. Additionally performers in large cities like New York find that they do not have as many show and performance opportunities as one would in a smaller city. Like most artistic professions, moving to a big city, one can become lost in the overwhelming plethora of performers. Staying local has introduced Martini to world-class performers right in our own state.  She herself began her tutelage in burlesque under the masterful guidance of another legend Vivienne VaVoom.

Midnite Martini Black & WhiteAs a fixture in Colorado Burlesque, Martini has helped to foster its growth as much as anyone else on the scene. She produces a weekly burlesque show called Midnite Martini’s Sexy Circus Sideshow every Friday at the famous Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret as well as additional burlesque and variety shows throughout the year. Martini is also a co-producer of the Colorado Burlesque Festival along with Lola Spitfire, Bunny Bee and Boopsie from Colorado Springs as well as Honey Touché and Naughty Pierre from Denver. This year is the festival’s 5th annual celebration and runs from July 10-13 in Denver.

Martini will also be traveling to Aspen, Baltimore, Toronto and New Orleans among other locations this next year. Make sure you get a chance to see her amazing act!

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