The dust has settled. The runway taken down. All the hair and makeup have been washed away. 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend Fall 2014 is now history. We saw changes to the program along with a few new faces added to the mix with our old favorites. And, it was not without controversy.

While each night was great in its own right, we are talking specifically about Day 3- The Hair Show. As always, the evening was produced by local hair stylist extraordinaire Charlie Price and it did not fail to impress. The format was changed to showcase not only salons, but also “Hair Masters”- a few select stylists and their teams where given the opportunity to showcase their individual vision for what it means to be in a hair show.

The crew from El Salon gave us a futuristic look at see-through acrylic clothing straight out of The Fifth Element. Starling Salon took us back to early Hollywood horror with monochrome ghouls akin to Lon Chaney’s Phantom. Another standout was The Look Salon with their circus freak show complete with a bearded lady and Siamese twins joined at the hair.

As for the Hair Masters, J Beverly Hills celeb Ted Medina put on a great production with a strong start to the show’s second half. Themed in black, white, and red; every model was starkly different and dressed in dramatic originals from J-Chan Designs. Stylist Misha Belfer also stood out with elegant ball gowns awash in glitter and grace. The hair was just as chic and perfectly complimented the glamorous look.

This brings us to Charlie Price. Understated and yet scandalous might be a good description for his showing. Instead of big hair designs and outrageous costuming, Price elected to go minimalist. The models had their hair pinned to their head, covered completely in bobby pins and hair clips. The dress was almost non-existent as most of his models wore only black panties or boxer briefs with the occasional black jacket. The most risqué of all, two models in nothing but black pumps and panties. One male, one female. No tops, no bra, no pasties. Both were completely topless.

We are Denver, and as such, not too far removed from a cow town. But, Price took us to the edge and beyond and helped to thrust Denver into the fashion spotlight by pushing the envelope further than anyone has yet to do at a major fashion event in the city.

We’ve included a few of our favorite images from the runway and backstage at the show.