words: Jim Wills

You’ve been patient and the time is finally arrived. At long last, we are very proud to present our final Lauren-Boyd-05ITgirl for 2015, fashionista extraordinaire Lauren Boyd.

Being a professional model is in many ways similar to being a professional athlete. Much success can be gained over a very short career. Then, after a few years at the top of your game it’s all over. The average length of a model’s career is relatively short. In smaller markets such as Denver, it’s even more challenging to maintain a modeling career. Our December ITgirl has proven to be as resilient as the very best. She has been in the industry over 15 years, yet her star continues to rise.

Ms. Boyd first discovered her penchant for modeling at the tender age of 15. She had the looks, the height and enough panache to turn heads on the runway. She worked with an agency for a time, modeling locally in fashion shows and editorial shoots. She spent some time in California, and as a young adult at 19 she was fortunate enough to model in Paris.

“Fashion is an art.  It’s art that we get to live our life in and express ourselves.” Boyd shared in an exclusive CRAVE Magazine interview.

About being in front of the camera Boyd loves, “The excitement of creating art and sometimes even playing a fantasy character.”

Adding to her talents, Ms. Boyd has been a lifelong dancer. She has spent time dancing professionally as well as working as a dance coach and instructor. Her passion for dance has led her to competing and winning several regional and national titles as both a performer and coach. Having a dancer’s graceful movement has definitely aided in her career as a model.

Lauren-Boyd-01Yet, while she has seen much success as a model, Boyd knew the potential of a short lived career. She put her brains to work as well, obtaining both a cosmetology and a massage therapist license.

By combining her education with her love of all thing fashionable and beautiful, Boyd opened Luna Salon and Spa in the Montclair Community in Denver. The full service salon offers not only hair and body services, but a complete repertoire of spa, skin and massage treatments as well.

The salon also works events such as weddings, proms, parties and other special occasions. It is a way to serve client needs on a much broader scale.

Taking the salon a step further, Boyd makes sure to extend their services to philanthropic areas. They donate both time and talent to various charity groups and schools. They partner with Bright Beginnings which provide services to families with newborns and young children. Boyd is also working on a program to provide beauty services to women who have been victims of poor domestic situations, helping them to start over and to get back out into the work force.

Running a full-time salon and spa leaves little room for her modeling, but Boyd still finds the time. And from the looks of things, she is not slowing down.

I just want to continue climb and grow and hopefully be the right face at the right time.” she says about her continuing modeling career. She said she delights in, “engulfing myself in anything that has to do with fashion and always learning and expanding my craft in the beauty industry.”

Ms. Boyd was partnered up with the very talented Leonard Lopez for our ITgirl shoot. As a conceptual photographer, Lopez works with mostly with models in the studio and then utilizes compositing and other post-production techniques to create something virtually impossible in the real world.

Boyd noted, “I love how creative minds come together and create a unique concept.” As we can see in the images, the creativity of photographer Lopez captured all the beauty and grace of our December ITgirl!

Click to learn more about Luna Salon and Spa.

images: Cracked Egg Studio
hair: John Dicostanzo of Luna Salon and Spa
makeup:  Sean Porricelli of Sweet Girl Cosmetics

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ITgirl Xtra >>> Cracked Egg Studio

Leonard Lopez didn’t start out as a photographer though he has always had a creative spirit. His work is as a graphic designer where he would occasionally hire photographers to help with product shots for an assignment. Once, when his photographer wasn’t available, he decided to give it a shot. The photography bug took hold and hasn’t stopped biting since.
Being a graphic designer steered Lopez into the world of compositing, mixing different images together to create something new and unique. To him it’s moving photography closer to an art form. Creating a surreal world in which his subjects exist is a favorite.

Because of this, Lopez spends a lot of time both pre- and post-shooting. He must plan out the entire project beforehand, gathering images that he will use in post-production. He likes his work to be constructed of images he’s taken or created as it gives him more control over the final outcome.

He has always had a passion for art and takes inspiration from traditional artists such as Frank Frazetta, Mayfield Parrish, Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney. Working in the digital realm, Lopez finds that his post-production efforts can take anywhere from several hours to several days to complete the final piece.

On working with our ITgirl, Lopez stated, “It was an absolute pleasure working with Lauren.  She is both beautiful and professional and made my job an easy one.”

Based in Denver, Cracked Egg Studio specializes in commercial and artistic graphic design and photography. As he expands his artistic side, Leonard Lopez has displayed his whimsical photo art in exhibitions across Denver, even being featured in 2015 as a RAWartist.