From CRAVE Magazine Issue 1

Anyone who knows her definitely isn’t surprised. Of course she’s “IT,” duh… No, it’s not just because she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, but because she’s fabulous. She is a fierce female who defines fabulous. We can all see she’s beautiful; that’s not subjective. Jiana Davis is so much more than that. She’s wonderful to work with, an absolute doll; she’s smart, and did we mention hilarious?  Her family values run deep, but most of all she’s passionately pursuing her dreams.

Jiana Davis has been modeling she was a little girl, about 3 or 4 years old. “Basically, whatever I could reach I would wear,” she said.

Her catwalk was being in front of her family, dolled up in her grandmother’s vintage duds. As the years went on, she found a peaceful retreat in modeling, a form of artistic expression. “On the runway the real world disappeared; I could become whatever and whoever I wanted to be,” Davis said. For many people, it’s Chanel lip gloss or a loud rap song that makes the bad stuff in life go away, but for Davis it became the runway.

Davis brought her love for fashion shows from her family’s living room to the runway when she was in high school. At age 14 she won the Junior Teen Denver pageant and was on her way. At 15, she would sneak out and walk in local shows. Many local shows are 21+. They host open bars, and there are laws regarding underage fitting rooms, etc. (You know all that fancy red tape) She’d schmooze up security or the casting director and walk. There was something mature about her. Her walk back then was far stronger than many of the veteran models. Since her experience with America’s Next Top Model, she has shown extraordinary improvement. She has built an international fan following and is taking it seriously. Davis is looking at agencies abroad as well as in New York and L.A.

This girl has been watching ANTM since she was 10 years old. Since the age to audition is 18, she had a solid eight years to plan her dream to share a seat with Tyra. Davis participated in America’s Next Top Model’s Cycle 20. This is the first time the show introduced male models to the mix. Fourteen contestants: seven girls and seven guys.

Davis said the ANTM experience was a great learning experience. The contestants met fabulous people, stayed in fabulous places, and most excitingly, they got to wear clothes designed by fabulous designers. All of the contestants participated in the finale runway show. The pieces they wore were designed by none other than Tex Saverio, made famous by a cover shot of Lady Gaga dawning his avant-garde duds.

Cheers to you Jiana Davis! Keep pursuing your dreams and you’ll always be IT!

Photography: Lynzi Judish
Wardrobe Stylist: Nicole Schaap
Hair & Makeup: Kadie Murphy
Wardrobe: Re’Veil by NJ
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