CRAVE’s First ITgirl: Jiana Davis

From CRAVE Magazine Issue 1 Anyone who knows her definitely isn’t surprised. Of course she’s “IT,” duh… No, it’s not just because she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, but because she’s fabulous. She is a fierce female who defines fabulous. We can all see she’s beautiful; that’s not subjective. Jiana Davis is so much more than that. She’s wonderful to work

Making a CRAVE Cover

As artists, we draw our inspiration from many different sources. My inspiration for the cover image came from a Harper’s Bazaar feature and their special cover of the May 2011 U.K. edition. That magazine featured Kate Moss paying tribute to the late Alexander McQueen in a dress he designed that she originally wore in a hologram at his Fall/Winter 2006 Paris Fashion Week Show. The

Hal Gould: The Man in the Darkroom

Photographer Shannon Piserchio switches from stills to video as she has undertaken the immense task of documenting another Denver great. Piserchio is creating a documentary on Hal Gould, the owner of Gallery Obscura and a Colorado photography icon. His work spans decades and his contribution to the photography world is undisputed. You can read the full story in our inaugural issue of CRAVE Magazine. Here

Amazing Jewelry from HunnyHead Designs

For our first issue CRAVE Magazine planned a photo shoot with Gabriela Martinez and a full team of stylists, makeup artists and assistants. We were fortunate enough to have amazing jewelry provided by a very talented local artisan- Jennylee Berns. With her company HunnyHead Designs, Jennylee provided absolutely beautiful pieces; not only the traditional necklaces and bracelets, but rings, wristlets, cuffs, earrings and more. Jennylee

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