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Canadian Abstract Visual Artist Pours Her Way Into Denver

You won’t find a paintbrush in Amy Shackleton’s studio. Painting a mix of environmental landscapes and cityscapes, Shackleton has taken the abstract style of drip painting and turned it upside-down… literally. From the mid-twentieth century works of Max Ernst to the more conceptual splatter patterns of Jackson Pollock drip painting has become a well-defined technique within modern abstract art. Shackleton uses a combination of techniques

Painting the Real

When Daniel Sprick picks up a paintbrush he knows he is going to be creating a facsimile of what he sees with his eyes. To the rest of us, his work is often a near perfect representation of the real. Upon first glance, the viewer could easily mistake Sprick’s paintings as a photograph. His style is absolutely meticulous. Working from a combination of model sittings

“Half-Cocked” Crows Its Way Into The Golden Triangle

Most of us who have gone on vacation to an exotic island or far off destination have brought home some sort of knick-knack that reminds us of the trip. We display it prominently in an area that we can readily see, and when our gaze falls upon the object; sounds, smells and memories flood our thoughts of that particular get-away. Kort Duce took the concept

UBUNTU: I am you as you are me

*From Sabin Aell & Hinterland UBUNTU: I am you as you are me was originally presented last summer at Hinterland in collaboration with visual artist and designer Sabin Aell and Candess Giyan founder of the contemporary dance company Daughter Cells. The collaborative project this week is part of the Present Box Series for Artists in Residence at BMoCA. For their Present Box exhibition, Sabin Aell, Candess Giyan,

CRAVE’s First ITgirl: Jiana Davis

From CRAVE Magazine Issue 1 Anyone who knows her definitely isn’t surprised. Of course she’s “IT,” duh… No, it’s not just because she was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, but because she’s fabulous. She is a fierce female who defines fabulous. We can all see she’s beautiful; that’s not subjective. Jiana Davis is so much more than that. She’s wonderful to work

Sophia Rose wins Art Scene Today’s Em*bodied Art Competition

CRAVE Magazine's very own Sophia Rose entered Art Scene Today's Em*bodied Art Competition several months ago. Not receiving any follow-up she figured she hadn't been accepted. Rose had been travelling for several weeks this spring and when she got back she was going through all her emails. She came across one from Art Scene Today regarding the competition entry. Not only was her work accepted,

Ceilings Galore at Denver Photo Art Gallery

Owned by John Fielder, the Denver Photo Art Gallery is one the cities largest galleries. Showcasing rotating exhibits throughout the year the gallery is located in the heart of the Santa Fe Art District. With 6000 square feet of space the DPAG features fine art photography of both local and national photographers. They also feature online studio artists who are exclusively featured on their website.

The World Premiere of Coyote at Spark Theatre

- From Spark Theatre The coyote is a unique figure in Native American mythology. Now Spark weaves these tales into a new drama about a man’s search for his family and his heritage. Set in the not-so-distant future, the one called Coyote has lived most of his life without family. Somewhere deep in his memory, he recalls the stories of his family and the connection

DADA Art Bar infuses Liquid Libations with Local Art

A new gateway is opening in Denver. Not a gateway into another dimension, but a gateway to the growing River North (RiNo) Art District. Having their grand opening on April 11th, DADA Art Bar is gearing up to mix art and booze with a dash of java. Serving coffee during the day (brewing up Novo and Commonwealth brands) and booze at night, owner Iain Chisholm

Grey Gardens Returns to The Vintage Theatre

Grey Gardens Returns With Megan Van De Hey in her Henry Award-winning role! The hilarious and heartbreaking story of Big Edie and Little Edie Bouvier Beale, the eccentric aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, once bright names on the social register who became East Hampton’s most notorious recluses. Grey Gardens Runs April 18 through May 25 Order Tickets here: Or contact the Vintage directly: Vintage

Hal Gould: The Man in the Darkroom

Photographer Shannon Piserchio switches from stills to video as she has undertaken the immense task of documenting another Denver great. Piserchio is creating a documentary on Hal Gould, the owner of Gallery Obscura and a Colorado photography icon. His work spans decades and his contribution to the photography world is undisputed. You can read the full story in our inaugural issue of CRAVE Magazine. Here

Amazing Jewelry from HunnyHead Designs

For our first issue CRAVE Magazine planned a photo shoot with Gabriela Martinez and a full team of stylists, makeup artists and assistants. We were fortunate enough to have amazing jewelry provided by a very talented local artisan- Jennylee Berns. With her company HunnyHead Designs, Jennylee provided absolutely beautiful pieces; not only the traditional necklaces and bracelets, but rings, wristlets, cuffs, earrings and more. Jennylee

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