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ƒ/8 – Eight Questions with Belles Lumieres Photography

CRAVE Magazine was thrilled to partner with Colorado Springs photographer Emerson K. McAurthur of Belles Lumieres on our 2nd ever CRAVE ITguy-- Clay Doke. Like many great photographers, McAurthur has a keen eye for beauty, whether it's the way light plays off the side of a mountain or the delicate skin of a model. Check out this exclusive CRAVE Magazine ƒ/8 interview. ƒ/0.7: How long have you

CRAVE ITguy Clay Doke

It’s an engineer! It’s a model! It’s CRAVE ITguy Clay Doke! words: Jim Wills  Wherever a top fashion show is held in Denver, you’ll find Clay Doke. Whether draped in the most stylish of menswear or startling seductive in women’s fashion, Clay Doke always leaves the crowd wanting more. During the day our model superhero is a mild mannered petroleum engineer. An intellect for certain,

The Show – Interview with a Denver Fashionista

On October 15th Stephanie Manor, owner of Aesthetic Nurse Specialists will present The Show - A Haute Couture Runway Show, benefiting skin cancer research CRAVE Magazine was fortunate enough to sit down with Ms. Manor for an exclusive interview on what it takes to put on such a fabulous show... and why Denver needs haute couture. Enjoy the read, then come check out the fabulous fashions at The

Troe Williams of Vandalism Designs

To dress CRAVE Magazine’s September ITgirl, we partnered with Troe Williams of Vandalism Designs. His aesthetic and eye for detail and design brought a flair that we have yet to see with our ITgirl series. We thought it would be great to learn more about fashion design and to get to know the face behind the Vandalism. Please enjoy this exclusive interview. The master

Bringing Jackalope Arts to Life in Denver

CRAVE Magazine was fortunate enough to obtain an exclusive interview with Melissa Shipley, one of the producers of Jackalope Arts, and a Denver native. With her teeth grinding years formulated producing RAWartists events, Miss Shipley has set out on a new venture with Jackalope Arts. Below we learn a little about what it takes to put on such an event and why you need to

ƒ/8 – Eight Questions with Photographer Ned Cremin

Colorado sports photographer Ned Cremin gives his thoughts on photography, competition, and capturing action in this CRAVE Magazine ƒ/8 exclusive interview. ƒ/0.7: Describe your photography in 3 words ---My self therapy :) ƒ/1: What are some of the biggest challenges with your type of photography? Sport Action is fleeting. The moments that you are after happen within a fraction of a second and if you're

Lionel Young’s Healing Sounds

words: Kimberly Christoff Blues violinist and guitarist Lionel Young has accolades weighing in so heavy that during a CRAVE magazine interview, when jokingly asked if he wants to be referred to as “the Mayor of Louisville,” he laughed, “No, I want to be the King.” And lucky for us Colorado, because this global treasure is dedicated to his local fans. His prestigious schooling and worldwide performance

Welcome to CRAVE ƒ/8

This new photography series is a showcase for Colorado photographers. There exist boundless opportunities for amazing imagery and as thus, Colorado has attracted some of the world's most talented photographers. Whether it's nature or industrial, fashion or photojournalism, CRAVE want's to celebrate it all. Each month we will feature 8 questions and 8 images from a selected Colorado photographer. We want to know about your art and passion

Cotton Rag Photographer Jason Paul Roberts

Interview and Story by Kimberly Christoff Though street photographer Jason Paul Roberts began his career in the densely populated areas of Chicago, he unabashedly shoots among Denver’s smaller locale. “It’s a new city. I think it is still finding its character. There’s not a lot of people, and the light is a little wonky. I’m not knocking Denver. It’s just challenging,” Roberts explains in a

May 2015 CRAVE Photo Showcase

As we are getting our photo showcase submission system up and running, we've also launched our new CRAVE f/8 series to highlight one photographer from each monthly showcase. If you haven't already submitted for May, you still have until May 21st! For now, here's a fabulous group of florals & pastel palettes! Spring is Springing! by TA Photo taken in Spring

DSTILL – Colorado Spirits are Alive and Kicking

Colorado is a state known for many things. Amazing mountains. World-class winter sports. Legal Marijuana. More microbreweries than the rest of the planet. We’ve even gotten major recognition for our arts- museums, galleries, music venues and theatre productions. It seems that we as a state are bringing together the best that nature and the creative mind can conjure. Now, we can add spirits to that

Processus: The Institute for Art and Life

Wondering Where All The Art Is? Viviane Le Courtois and Christopher R. Perez Open Processus: The Institute For Art and Life words: Kimberly Christoff It’s an interesting phenomenon when you think of the history of artists benefiting from spending time together and influencing each other’s work. Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Arshile Gorky, Robert Motherwell; it seemed natural for them to unite. Agreed, artists Viviane Le

The Artistry of Artopia

Artopia 2015 Artist Curator Jolt On Saturday, February 21st, local artists and art enthusiasts are invited to leave reality behind by slipping down the rabbit hole into a wonderland of art, music, culture and fashion at this year's Artopia featuring Whiteout. The collaborative event, curated by Jolt of the creative consulting firm Guerrilla Garden, will incorporate the talent of more than 50 local

CultureHaus Shines Brilliant with Cartier

Celebrating the Denver Art Museum’s continuing tradition of bringing world-class exhibitions to the Centennial State with Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century; the young, professional art organization CultureHaus will hold a commemorative event that is sure to shimmer as brightly as a Cartier necklace. “It’s an evening dedicated to what makes CultureHaus and the Denver Art Museum special: unique cultural opportunities for our community’s young

Green Spaces expands into new digs

Monday January 12th marked the grand opening of Green Spaces' expanded shared office space in the RiNo (River North) District. Located at 1368 26th St., Green Spaces is the only green community office space in the city. Community offices are a popular way for smaller businesses to utilize the benefits of having an office without the overhead typically associated with such a space. With access

Denver Fashion Weekend- To the Edge and Beyond

The dust has settled. The runway taken down. All the hair and makeup have been washed away. 303 Magazine's Denver Fashion Weekend Fall 2014 is now history. We saw changes to the program along with a few new faces added to the mix with our old favorites. And, it was not without controversy. While each night was great in its own right, we are talking specifically about Day 3-

Mad Genius Radio Creates an Infinite Playlist

On October 28th a new internet radio station launched and the creators say it will change the way you’ve been listening to music. The Denver-based Mad Genius Radio is aiming to bring music listening into the 21st century. Other platforms use “antiquated binary correlation standards” whereas Mad Genius Radio uses a combination of sliders and ratings to provide listeners with an “infinite playlist.” Available as

The Art of Horror- Haunted Field of Screams

If you haven’t been to one of Denver’s many haunted houses yet, there is still time for plenty of frights before All Hallows’ Eve is upon us. One of the best by far this season isn’t a house at all, it’s the Haunted Field of Screams Corn Maze. This outdoor attraction is haunting frightful, and always a great thrill. The attraction consists of several haunts spread across a

A Culmination of Fashion, Culture and Photography

This Thursday, October 2nd, join the Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC) in a creative culmination of Fashion and Culture. The event will feature a multi-media fashion show and live music, as well as a private exhibition tour with Fashion/Culture exhibition curator and host Natascha Seideneck. As a member of the CPAC exhibition committee, Seideneck said it was finally time to do something to highlight the

Fashion Passion IV

Interview & Article by Ashley Barnes One Woman - One Year - One Hundred Dollars. That's the motto the Women's Development Association (WDA) hopes to drive home Tuesday, October 7th, at their 4th Annual Fashion Passion Luncheon & Fashion Show being held at the Pinehurst Country Club to benefit women & children in Pakistan. The WDA says it only takes one hundred dollars to support

Mythical Body Painting

Today’s body painting has taken an ancient art form and moved it forward into the modern era. For eons putting paint on the body was a sign of one’s spirituality, or a prelude to battle. In the last century body painting became something of a novelty, putting paint on a naked figure was sexy and titillating in a way not always accepted by the mainstream

Palletfest: Denver’s First Certifiably Green Event

In an effort to turn waste into grace and trash into treasure, Denver's first Certifiably Green event will descend upon Sculpture Park this October. The upcycling extravaganza, better known as PalletFest, is here to bring the art of creating upcycled goods to a whole new level, not just showing us how to think outside of the box, but teaching us what to do with the

ENTICE from Michael Gadlin

Exhibiting in select galleries, museums and institutions nationwide, Denver-based visual artist Michael Gadlin shares ENTICE, a brand new body of work showcasing art as an organic process. The solo exhibit features works created using layers of repurposed materials with an emphasis on preserving the life of what is gone. By using materials like charcoal collected from forest, Gadlin explores the art of the natural cycles

Waiting for Godot @ the Ripple Effect Theatre Company

Interview & Article by Ashley Barnes In a mad display of tragicomedy and tramping, join the Ripple Effect Theatre Company this weekend for the opening of their first-ever theatrical production, Waiting for Godot. Written by Samuel Beckett and voted "The Most Significant English Language Play of the 20th Century," this absurdist play follows two dilapidated tramps filling their days as painlessly as they can, all

Mile High Art & Jazz Festival this Labor Day Weekend!

This Labor Day weekend, join more than 75 artists from around the country in the first annual Mile High Art and Jazz festival. This free event kicks off Saturday, August 30th at 10 a.m. in the heart of downtown Denver at the Skyline Park. Festival goers and art enthusiasts of all ages can shop the juried works of oil painters, jewelers, glass artists, metal workers

RMCAD + Fashion in Focus

In a celebration of raw talent and text book know-how coming together to sculpt Denver's young creatives into creative professionals, the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) is proud to host the Fashion in Focus launch party. Kicking off at the RMCAD campus on Saturday, August 23rd at noon, the all-day event will mark the launch of the college's two newest undergraduate programs

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