CRAVE Magazine was thrilled to partner with Colorado Springs photographer Emerson K. McAurthur of Belles Lumieres on our 2nd ever CRAVE ITguy– Clay Doke. Like many great photographers, McAurthur has a keen eye for beauty, whether it’s the way light plays off the side of a mountain or the delicate skin of a model. Check out this exclusive CRAVE Magazine ƒ/8 interview.

Emerson-McAurthur-5ƒ/0.7: How long have you been working as a professional photographer?

I am not a professional photographer. I simply enjoy photography, all aspects of it. I’ve been shooting for 8+ years.

ƒ/1: What is your training / background?

I have no formal training. My experience however is composed of covering multiple Seattle Fashion Weeks, as well as shooting for numerous designers in the Western Region, covering multiple weddings, editorials for wedding designers, and many beauty and modeling portfolios all simply because I love shooting. It’s my escape.Emerson-McAurthur-4

ƒ/1.4: What has been some of your successes in photography?

The fact I can still continue to shoot today and folks are happy and appreciate with the work I share, is a success. I also teach photography locally in Colorado Springs, helping those who want to do more in photography reach that plateau. Chase Jarvis is a world renowned photographer out of Seattle WA and I owe my success and accomplishments to him.  Also thanks to a buddy of mine, Raphael Plant of Bluestill Photography for keeping me on track and encouraging me to keep pushing forward.


ƒ/2: What is your favorite type of photography and why?

My favorite type of photography is landscape. I appreciate the earth we live on and love capturing it in ways that not many see. Sharing that experience in itself is amazing. I am looking forward to traveling the world some more and capturing many more images.

ƒ/2.8: Have you shown your work?

My work has had been displayed in galleries from the Philippines and Thailand to Maryland, Seattle, and here in Colorado Springs.

ƒ/4: What are some of the challenges in general you face when shooting?

Sometimes I forget

[and leave] the lens cap on, or the memory card doesn’t capture the image or read it correctly. Also communication with models who sometimes want to do their own thing instead of the concept at hand. But it’s all a learning experience and one has to be humble to let these miniscule problems not be an issue or they could change the outcome of any shoot/session.

ƒ/8: What is it you like most about being a photographer?

I like the freedom and creative aspect of photography, beginning with compiling a storyboard to the end product that leaves photoshop for display, print, or digital publishing. Collaborating and working with multiple artists for a final composed image is creativity at best when minds that think alike and share a common love for creativity have the same passion, magic happens. I love that the most.

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